Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Being in love with the right person is one of the best feelings in the world. When in a relationship, you want to experience and spend as much quality time as possible together. With that said, travel plans with your lover is not always feasible and this should never, ever stop you from globetrotting. Being with the right person who respects and supports your desire to explore and do your own thing is the type of person you should be with. If they are not encouraging you to pursue your ambition to travel out of jealously or selfishness, PLEASE reconsider why you are with this person!


Remember the old saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, it’s incredibly true when travelling without your boo. Being away for a long duration of time allows you to reflect on the many reasons why you are grateful to have such an amazing person in your life. The first time I travelled solo for an extended period of time I was in a long-term relationship and I will be the first to admit it was not easy and did bring on hardship. With the hardship, I learned what types of expectations to hold in order keep my relationship in good condition. Distance gives you a new perspective on the importance of effort in a relationship. Effort, full honesty and communication are the key to a happy, fulfilling companionship. What this really all means is to continue to push through any obstacle because you know that person is worth it.


Assuming you’re in a healthy love affair, travelling without your partner can actually benefit your romance in the long run. It helps build trust, develop strength and ultimately it helps you grow as a person. When you continue to personally grow while staying committed to someone, your relationship will follow and only become better. Did I mention the sex after a long time apart is insanely good? Just saying. Here are some tips at sustaining a relationship while travelling.


  • Keep contact

We live in a generation offering WIFI literally everywhere and staying connected has never been easier. Make a constant effort to keep your loved one in the loop on your journey and both of you should make a conscious attempt to set aside time to converse.


Friendly reminder while you are keeping in touch with bae: please enjoy your time on the adventure and DO NOT be texting, messaging, phoning or video chatting them 24/7. Save all the gab for when you plan to speak once you’re settled at the hostel or hotel. This generation is so consumed by cell phones and when given the chance to experience a new city or country, embrace it and live in the moment. Screw this generation and their need to consistently be on their phones.


  • Always show them love

Face it, it isn’t easy for your partner to see the Instagram photos and Facebook check-in statuses showcasing the amazing trip you’re having while they are at home missing you. Reminisce about how much this person cares for you and express the appreciation you hold for your relationship. An extra sincere, “I miss and love you” really goes far with the long distance and will only strengthen your bond together. The additional affection displays the importance of your partnership and you are making them priority.


  • Respect your partner

Mentioned before, this article is assuming you are in a healthy relationship in which gives you the capability to grow as an individual, while still maintaining a strong, loving alliance with another person. This means holding integrity and making honorable decisions at all times. Look all you want at the gorgeous Dutch men or the striking Brazilian women, we are human after all and we don’t lose our sense of appeal after settling down. You can look, but don’t touch. What kind of decent human being cheats anyways? People who cheat are insecure, mentally weak and unhappy. There is some aspect of their life in which they are not accepting and try to find validation by being unfaithful. Work on yourself to create your own happiness as much as possible and NEVER, EVER amount to being an unfaithful loser. If you struggle with this, stop and think, “would I appreciate if my sweetheart did this?” If the answer is no, then stop! This is just common, human courtesy in my opinion. Moral of this point, BE A GOOD PERSON and the trust bond will grow with your lover.


  • Remember, your trip won’t last forever and soak up as much experience as possible!

Please just have an amazing time! Travelling is such an extraordinary life experience and you can learn SO much about this amazing, diverse planet and most of all you can dig deep into your soul and discover more about yourself. My experience with travelling has lead me to know that soul searching is a fantastic way to become a confident individual who is happy with all aspects of life. Travel has really taught me to come out of my comfort zone in any situation and never apologize for who I am. If you are grateful and accepting of who you are, your partner will see the same and admire you even more.


By: Olivia Goheen

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