About Me

Born and raised in Canada, throughout most of my life I have been called and described as a “hippie or “flower child.” It is probably because of my extremely long hair, happy-go-lucky spirit, love of riding motorcycles, a keen ear for classic rock music and a free-spirited attitude towards life.

The word “conventional” has never been a word to describe me, even from an early age.

Passion was truly found for me in my travels when I embarked on my first solo voyage to Europe in 2015. To date, I have travelled 34 countries and don’t want to stop.

My journeys have developed more awareness in my life. I recognize the importance of showing an abundance of gratitude, authenticity, love and acceptance. With that, I believe my rambling has moulded me into a passionate and creative woman which has translated into my work.

Education has been important to me as I have received a Public Relations Diploma and I’m a certified English As a Second Language (ESL) teacher. Being the ambitious go-getter I am, I was determined to do well in school and secure a job in the music industry as a publicist. As life went on and internal growth occurred, I realized creating a freelance job where I can write, create content and help brands grow while using my Public Relation skills is what I wanted.

It’s amazing how you can feel when you take the reins of your life and that is what I have done with time on earth. I took my passions of travel and writing to create a life I thoroughly love.

Thanks for joining my odyssey in life!



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