Dating a Wanderlust-Woman

So you have met an intriguing woman, she is fun, carefree, outspoken and it seems she has an abundance of life beaming out of her. This woman is undoubtedly a wanderer of the earth. She has a gypsy soul and thrives on adventure and thrill seeking. This is the kind of woman who doesn’t like to stay in one spot for long and enjoys exploring new towns, cities, sites and countries. Feeding her soul with happiness and love is what kindles her frame of mind. Her philosophies are about gaining experience and thoroughly enjoying the wonders of life. Women who love to travel are not your typical14691225_10150708809609964_950229475012130443_o females; they have grit, ambition, spirit and so much more to offer. Her unpredictability adds zest and passion to any relationship she has with an individual. These are the women who have high standards and will only settle if they discover something special in you. Usually, these women look for intelligence, sensibility, integrity and most of all a partner who is self-assured. They may seem to be hard to handle, however, if you are an exceptionally significant person with high moral grounds, you can ensure a spark of interest from her. If you are lucky enough to settle down with a wanderlust-woman be prepared for a passionate relationship, because a traveller always wants the best in their life and will work at anything worthwhile.


She is extremely independent and self sufficient

Travelling has taught her to rely solely on herself and learn how to seek her own happiness. Her independence and carrying out how she wants to do things is valuable to her because she is in control of who she is and will not be influenced by others. She has worked hard to accomplish achievements and to be strong enough to do it on her own. For that fact, she is able to seize anything in her sights with only one requirement, having faith in self.


She has an open mind

Limiting her perspectives to one scope about how to live is terrifying. The possibilities of the universe are endless and there is no one policy of life to abide by. That said, opportunities and possibilities are constantly being discovered and contrived by her. Holding restrictions with any aspect of life is not in her diction and on that account, she is constantly stepping out of her comfort zone. Additionally, having an open mind transcends to the bedroom and let’s just say she is always willing to spice things up.


Positivity is important to her

Positive talk and thoughts rule her world. If you are not an optimistic person, you can get out. She doesn’t have time for negativity because she knows there is an abundance of good in this world.


She is wild, but loyal

A travelling woman’s natural spirit is to be fun, enthusiastic and fierce, leading her to appear as wild and untamed. Truth be known, loyalty is also in her nature as well. She is devoted to seeking out the needs of making her soul and inner being untroubled. This expresses loyalty to herself and wellbeing. Faithfulness to herself, friends, family and lover is something she consistently maintains and cherishes. She knows the true meaning of relationships and values the people in her life. Being a steadfast woman is one characteristic she is most proud of.


She is confident

A shimmering trait quite noticeable is her effortless sense of self-confidence. The embodiment of self-acceptance is at ease with her and each day she builds to make it stronger. Staying humble and practicing self-love is in her regard, a vital routine.


She wants you, but doesn’t need you

This woman knows what she wants and only settles if you are on par with her morals and ethics. If you are not supportive with her travels and ventures, it will certainly not work. Travelling is what she loves and she needs support and understanding of that. She is capable of fending emotionally and financially on her own and only takes a partner when he checkmarks a number of her requirements.


 She is an individual and doesn’t care about fitting into societies’ mold

A wayward-woman she is when it comes to the reality of society. Going against the man and adhering to individuality is her fashion. She appreciates her nonconformist ways and originality.


 She will always keep you on your toes

Variety is the spice of life and changing up routine here and there satisfies her. Her aura is constantly precipitating with joy because she truly makes the most of life and tries new experiences to make it interesting.


 She is intelligent and hardworking

The wanderlust-woman is constantly setting goals and works to achieve them. She is resilient and tough and knows how to attain goals by applying knowledge and skills she has learned through trial and error.


 She is strong willed

This woman is headstrong and realizes the importance of making sound decisions. She never thinks twice about a decision she makes because she is sure it is the best option for her piece of mind. Pain has been in her life and has given her the means to rise above to strengthen her beliefs and judgments. The strong-willed nature within her represents that she always stays true to herself.


She is friendly and can hold a conversation

Genuine conversation has become a lost art in today’s society, especially with the younger generation thanks to social media and cell phones. On the contrary, travelling has made the wanderlust-woman into a storyteller. Through her travels she has met fascinating people from all over the world and has created some alluring experiences. With all this, she possesses the gift of gab and will be able to contribute to any conversation.


 She needs her alone time

To revert back to independence being important to her, she understands the power of 14633201_10150708813514964_3227076914443777116_obeing alone and enjoying her own company. Taking time often to recharge from the world allows her to align her thoughts back to reason. This is a continuous practice.


 She is honest and straightforward

She has no time for mind games and values honesty and assertiveness in people. She holds high regard for sincerity because she is truthful in all situations towards herself and others. Though integrity is hard to find in individuals, she continues to provide her plain-spoken character and is highly respected for it.


By: Olivia Goheen


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