Clever Travel Hacks

At this point I am almost at the pro level of travelling. I have gone months on the road with only a backpack and a few essentials to get me by. For that fact, I have learned the art of versatility and simplicity with a bit of trial and error. Here is a list of some helpful essentials to make your trip effortless.

Essential oils to deodorize

While you’re on the road your bag can become stinky and stale. To freshen things up, splash your favourite oil on a cotton ball and throw it within your clothes. My preferred choices of essential oils are: citrus, rosewood and eucalyptus.

Travel size baby powder (talcum powder)

 I have long wild hair and only wash my hair a few times a week while I am travelling. There isn’t a dire need for clean hair while backpacking thanks to regular dips in the ocean (salt water is amazing for hair) and hair elastics to wear my hair up in endless cute styles. When my hair is becoming a bit oily I throw in some baby powder in my roots. The powder soaks up the oil and my hair looks clean along with having killer volume. Another use is to sprinkle in your shoes to freshen the soles up and keep dry from sweat if it’s a hot day.

Carry an atlas

Being an avid traveller, geography naturally was always one of my favourite subjects. Travelling allows you to meet many new people from all over the world and I thoroughly enjoy learning about the all the diverse cultures. When meeting someone new the standard question every time is, “where are you from?” If you have a handy atlas the person can pin point exactly where they come from on a map. A great way to keep track of your acquaintances is to get them to circle their town or city and write their name, so in 10 years time when you look back on your travels your atlas will help remember an interesting from your trip.

Photocopy your passport

This important hack can save you. Make copies for yourself and also some for your family. The unpredictability of travelling happens and being extra prepared can save you.

Pack more “comfy” clothes

When I’m not travelling and at home living a “normal” life, I habitually make an effort in dressing well and presentable. Accordingly, while overseas I intentionally pack comfortable fitting clothing. Think about it, you are constantly on the move to the next adventure and your clothes should match your actions. I promise you it is better walking around a new city in black yoga pants with a cute crop top as opposed to skintight skinny jeans. Leave those jeans for the night out in Barcelona, because we all know you wear them owing the fact they accentuate your “ass”-ets. With all that said, be sure to bring a few “un-comfortable” items for a random day or an evening out. Overall, fashionable lounge-type attire is the safe decision for travel.

Zip-lock bags are a packing savior

Organization is key during your voyage. My preferred way is to organize clothes into zip-lock bags (adding in essential oil infused cotton balls, refer to first point). Sort all shirts, pants and underwear separately and place accordingly. After they are sorted, I usually sit on the bag to take all the air out and seal it. For a little “vacuum seal” action, I leave a part of the bag open and suck the rest of the air out guaranteeing extra room in my luggage bag for tacky souvenirs.

Turkish towel

This is a specially knit towel with chic styles and colours to choose from. With every wash the towel becomes softer and softer. The cotton is super quick drying, making it a fantastic, travel blessing. Luckily the stylish towel is versatile and can be used as sarong, and blanket!

Metamucil or Psyllium Husk

I will be the first person to admit about constipation arriving from time to time abroad. The reason being is because of the lack of scheduling for eating, sleeping, water intake and eating fruits and vegetables. Truthfully, you don’t have a portable fridge to stock fruits and vegetables making it hard to sustain a balanced diet. The solution to make your bowels happy is to take a daily dose of Metamucil or otherwise known as Psyllium Husk. This life savior supplies your tummy with a fix of fiber to ease things in your exit door region promoting regular bowel movement. Just pop a teaspoon of powder in cup of water every morning and you will feel a load healthier (pun intended).

Double check layover times

Sometimes the cheapest flight has more than one layover in different countries. To ensure you make it on time, ALWAYS double check to see if there is a time difference. An easy slip of thinking Finland is on the same time as Spain will definitely make you miss your departure. Damn the one-hour time difference leading you to fork out more cash on a new flight to Thailand.

Pack a laundry bag

This hack seems so obvious, however, you would be amazed how many people throw dirty clothes into their backpack of clean clothes. This bag is particularly helpful when traveling long term because it keeps the stench from well used garments at bay from the rest of your luggage.

Lock it up

Safety for yourself and belongings are the key things to remember while abroad. Packing a couple locks to secure your backpack can save you from a thief wanting to take sneak peek through your wallet.

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