Travelling Is Like Dating Men

The correlation of travel and dating came to me through a conversation with a dear friend. For years Britt and I have spent countless hours having deep and scholarly discussions on love, sex and relationships. Almost all our conversations would end on the importance of finding a partner who is dignified and vulnerable. On this late chilly night in La Paz, we were exchanging details on our love live and travel experiences. It was when Britt unveiled details about her busy dating life after explaining her disappointment for an island she visited this past winter. With full disclosure on both subjects, she quickly exclaimed, “travelling is like dating men.” Shit, it was an epiphany to me, she was totally right.

This is where I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment and propped my laptop open and started writing about the connection of globetrotting and dating. Side note, If you are unaware of the most iconic and relatable television series ever to air, get out from under your rock and watch the damn series. It’s called Sex and the City, by the way.

Admittedly, I’ve spent most of my twenties (now 26) single with one serious relationship and several impermanent romances. By the way, I’m currently in a happy relationship with someone I dearly miss and can’t wait to see him in a short time. Owing to the fact I am a travel junkie, my free spirited ways have limited longevity with serious relationships. I’ve committed myself to living out my passion of long term travel and have genuinely enjoyed my company on my solo adventures around the world. Travel has made me insanely independent, highly intuitive, all of which have constructed me to be picky as fuck when it comes to giving my full attention and affection to another.

Travel has made me insanely independent, highly intuitive, all of which have constructed me to be picky as fuck when it comes to giving my full attention and affection to another.

To date, I have travelled 34 countries seeing a variety of people, culture, customs, society, government and natural environment. With this kind of travel exposure, I have met a great deal of men along the way, too. All men had a range of age, nationalities, beliefs, careers, you name it, I probably have encountered.

Combining travel and dating experience simulates to me the two are basically the same. The comparable elements of both can lead a person to have immeasurable expectations, be adoringly infatuated, feel misplaced and experience attachment. The idealism of love and travel is mostly associated with joy and pleasure, because of new and endless excitement. Together, seeking balance with a place and person who feels like home is important for nurturing the soul.

All that said, I’m happy I waited because my special someone is a really great man who ticks a lot of boxes on my list and let me tell you, this list was real (legit had a list) and there were many points!

So, read on and see if you’ve encountered destinations and people described below!

‣  You had high expectations of a location only to be let down | He’s great in the beginning only to find out it’s a facade

I feel like this man is too common. He treats you right, is good on paper and then months in or even years, you realize he really isn’t the person you thought. He was doing his best not to be his true self and his genuine colours eventually shine. What a shame, nevertheless, a fantastic experience to inform you of what you truly deserve in a partner.

‣  The country you absolutely love but logically could never live in | Meeting someone you have a passionate connection with, but realistically would never work out

This one’s obviously painful when you meet the right person at the wrong time, who you share a deep connection with. Fond memories and lessons are what you take from this one and that means you’re living. This person gives hope there are individuals in the world you can meet to share such an association with.

‣  The critically acclaimed party town | The guy who is still in “for the lads” mode and only wants to shag

You know the type of dude I’m talking about. He’s annoyingly aware of his good looks, is a big drinker because he lacks conversational skills and is utterly superficial. This guy definitely ain’t ready to commit because he’s too busy adding up his kill count. Use this man how you want, but don’t expect anything other than a “good time”. Oh, he definitely wont be calling you the next day, so like I said, use him how you want or not at all.  

‣  Super amazing stopping place, but would never visit again | A man with such a beautiful soul but just not the one for you

Ugh, this guy is great. He has all the right qualities, you have a great deal in common and you wish you felt something more. Unbinding your true feelings to him is so hard for the fact you don’t want to hurt him. Once you do tell them the truth, he naturally appreciates your honesty and still respects you. You can only wish this man the best because that is what he deserves. 

 ‣  The aesthetically pleasant village that all tourists visit, but has corrupt politics | The gent who is charming but is looking to fill a void 

This suitor is smooth talking, charming and will swipe you off your feet, but he has some deep rooted issues. Alternately, this chap is known as a serial dater who cant be alone. Beware, he’s not truly over his ex and still needs to sort that baggage out along with his other problems.

****Lastly, this is the best duo you need to visit and date….

‣  The destination that feels like home, you love it and can move there | The man who is naturally worthy of you

This is the special fellow who earns your heart and deserves it. If he was an airplane seat, he’d be first class. He’s the one who is emotionally available, prioritizes you and makes consistent effort. There is no games with this one, because he values his time and yours. You know wholeheartedly his intentions are sincere since his moral compass is on point. You feel at ease around him, go on adventures, enjoy doing nothing together, talk about anything and can truly be yourself around this person. All I can say, do not settle with anyone until you encounter this human being. 

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