Curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cat, It Made Him Better

Every one of us has heard the term, “curiosity killed the cat.”

Why should curiosity be a bad thing? Here is where I disagree with the old proverb about being too inquisitive. 

Sure, curiosity probably can get you into trouble from time to time, but most times it opens up opportunity. To continue about the proverb, it didn’t mention the cat had nine lives. Death is a misfortune and also a reality in life, this is the absolute truth, isn’t it? Basically, he took nine chances at something really great (I’m sure of it) which conveys courage to me.


“Courage and curiosity conjointly are a recipe for phenomena and development.”


Having a spark of curiosity is a natural element of our cognitive thinking and is a motivator to learn. Courage and curiosity conjointly are a recipe for phenomena and development. Thus, it shouldn’t be classified as a “killer”, never, ever! I’m a firm believer in trying everything at least once. Furthermore, to have this mentality can promote positivity, create great tales and help you learn about your inner workings.

Taking action, being courageous and putting yourself out there is a fantastic way to open new doors to happiness. That said, it can allow you to be positioned in a favourable setting you would have never imagined. The beauty about life is, you just NEVER know what will occur. It’s kind of thrilling, isn’t it?

When the time comes to submit to curiosity, GO FOR IT. Side note, obviously be sensible and try not to get yourself killed like the cat in the end, duh.

Let’s say you take action and it doesn’t “work” out, look at it as perfect scenario to learn and grow. This is another important mindset to have.


Have you been curious about the following….

  • How an old high school friend is moving forward in their career
  • Experimenting with the same sex
  • Learning about a new religion
  • Trying a new hobby
  • How someone stays happy and positive 
  • Advice on really ANYTHING 
  • Starting your own business
  • Travelling solo
  • Inquiring about a raise at work


If you answered yes to any of the following or can think of your own curiosities …ASK FOR IT, GO FOR IT, DO IT. Don’t hold back because you think someone may judge you or you won’t succeed. Look at your curiosity as moment to propel new beginnings.

Get out there like the cat and have an amazing life, you deserve it!

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