A Letter From A Bohemian

This is a letter for the skeptics, nonbelievers and the challengers.

I’ve been laughed at by an older generation who worked the same job their whole life. I’ve been ridiculed by family members for thinking I’m a degenerate. I’ve been mocked by the bourgeois society numerous times. What kills me the most, I was scoffed at by a two week vacationer on the road thinking the way I lead my life is a joke. Turns out, he admitted he was envious.

Maybe that’s what it is, envy, along with a lack of understanding.

I can’t comprehend the reason you lead your life in the conventional way and you can’t comprehend how I lead mine in the unconventional way. Safe to say, that may be the only thing we have in common.

When you ask me what my long-term goal is, I give you details in days, weeks, months or one-year. I work towards my goals and happiness day by day. We as humans don’t have a say how long we will live, meaning, retirement or long term goals at 60 years of age may or may not be in our cards. That’s the inevitable truth.

So I ask, how can I possibly give you my long-term goal for the next 10-15 years? I may have an idea, but it will be a loose concept.

The only constant feature in life is, change. Life is forever changing. I, as a bohemian can take on change gracefully, when most of society is afraid of it.

You’re afraid to leave you comfortable environment, stray from your dull job, leave a monotonous relationship or receive a taste of what the unknown truly feels like. If anything, I feel sorry for you.

Now you may think I’m lost or not grounded, but I’m not. I have total faith in myself and feel competent enough with my decisions. Whatever it is I need for my life to pan out in a favorable fashion, will happen. I trust the unknown, because I know I deserve the best. I go where I feel right and where I’m wanted. A conformist goes where they think they need to go to be accepted. Ultimately, uncertainty looks like opportunity to me.

Unfamiliarity is a blank canvas for a bohemian to stroke brushes of wisdom and experience to shape something beautiful for life. We take the chance because we know we will grow and probably have a great story to tell later.

Why aren’t you taking the chance? What are you waiting for?

Yes, you may think I’m ridiculous because I love too much, laugh too much and smile too much. I’m just extremely passionate and expressive. I believe humans should see beauty in each and everything and express endless gratitude for it all. Bohemians adore, feel, articulate, experience a great deal of events on the road. This is why we are too much and too ridiculous. We are just so happy to be alive and to be acquainted with variety. Yes, bohemians are crazy and amusing. I’m probably the ringleader of them all. I’m definitely not “normal.” We have wild and elaborate stories that can sometimes seem unbelievable. It’s because we put ourselves out there in every situation leading to some unthinkable episodes.

I construct my life on the notion of “going with the flow” and it taught me the art of letting go and how fucking powerful it is. This is an idea you can’t grasp or better yet, you’re trying to understand. What I can’t grasp is how your life has been put in constant order and has unwavering security. Let me tell you a secret, I thought I wanted your life at one point and realized it wasn’t for me.

One day I will place my roots somewhere special. My vision is a place that speaks kindly to my soul, has a landscape that endlessly takes my breath away and is in a welcoming environment. This “somewhere” will allow me to still ramble and explore, but I will have deep “roots” and a loving partner to share it with. My roots will mature into a charming tree that represents me and recounts all the the tales of my years of wandering.

All I can say is, a bohemian will always be a traveller because travel is what evokes the inner being to act in it’s most vulnerable and happiest way. A bohemian leaves a piece of themselves with whoever they meet and wherever they go. A bohemian is truly unforgettable.

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