It’s All Happening!


This is a satisfying expression to rip out of the vocal chords when there is a moment of sheer elation in life. The first time I heard this phrase was in one of my all-time favourite films, Almost Famous. A self-proclaimed, “band-aid”, otherwise known as a, “groupie”, uttered this phrase when she was stoked about the world working in her favor.
I have such an appreciation for this saying and willingly express it at times. It lights something in me when I am able to convey those 3 powerful words.

  • It’s all happening when things are aligning in the direction of our purpose and vision.
  • It’s all happening when there is a beautiful realization that circumstance and fate start to materialize our desires.
  • It’s all happening when believing in ourselves is our only credence.

The feeling of “it’s all happening” all comes down to MANIFESTING what you have always wanted. Now, people these days tend to inflate the meaning of manifesting in an endearing hippie dippy way and I can guarantee you’ve rolled your eyes.

But real talk, manifesting is literally the act of truly believing in yourself, having the desire for something and working towards your ambitions.

The art of manifesting is pretty powerful and you are doing it with every thought flowing through your head. So, tell me about your ideas, feelings, self-talk and intentions? The real question is, are they benefiting you in a positive fashion? Or are they working against you? This is when it is incredibly important to gage your thoughts and truly “look on the bright side” of every situation. Let’s face it, life becomes messy and humans need to remember a “messy” life is normal and can always be changed.

Here are some tips on manifesting anything you want in life with a little goal setting, an open mind and a hopeful heart.


Have the vision & be clear with what you want

This is the first step to manifesting and it’s highly important. Knowing what you want and being incredibly specific will transcend the prosperity quicker, I promise.

Having a calculated plan represents to the “universe” you are competent with yourself and decisions being made in life. Start by unhooking from resistance, self-doubt and fear. Be bold and go for it, you got this! A great way to form a clear vision is writing your goals down in a journal or in your phone.

Don’t write: “My business is successful.” This statement it too broad and could take you in any direction. You could manifest a great business that makes you lot’s of money, but your passion for it could bleed away. That would be a bloody mess (pun totally intended.)

Do write: “My business and is successful, I love my work and it makes me more than enough money to lead the life I adore.” The past statement is specific and to the point where contentment in life will only be.

*Extra tip: To keep the vision even clearer, create a “vision board.” Your board should be filled with beautiful pictures and words of all your desires. Store it in a place where you can see it everyday!


Talk like you already have it 

What I’m about to explain here is a tad philosophical and only a willingly open mind will understand: Each thought we have is merely energy transcending every single moment of our life and then creates our reality.

To simplify, if we have negative thoughts, they create negative situations. If we have positive thoughts, they create positive situations.

The universe (aka. our life’s journey) works mentally.

Now that you have what you desire written down, say it out loud like you already own it. Sounds crazy, right? However, the key ingredient is to believe so deeply in your desires with every pondering thought, spoken word and your heart. Remember the old line, “fake it till’ you make it”, that shit’s real people. Whilst talking about it, be sure to visualize it, too.

If your friends are amusingly crazy like mine, they will allow you to practice the verbal part of manifesting with them. Take five minutes each time you meet and talk about your aspirations like they are already happening.

Example being: “My amazingly loyal man and I just booked a month long holiday in India all whilst my online business is flourishing and making me enough money to lead the life I love.” Take note on how specific I am and how “present” my dialogue is. I am talking like I’ve already possessed that moment. Now I just let it brew and come to life.


Continually keep a positive mindset & trust the process

To go back to the last point about our thoughts being energy transcending our reality, it’s completely true. I am going to stress the point some more because it’s SOOOO important.

Our brain acts as a transmitter and energy receiver. If we have negative thoughts about things, negativity only comes back to us. The same goes for manifesting what you truly fancy. If you think you don’t deserve it, guess what, you’re right. You get what you “think.” Making the choice of knowing you deserve the best is the only fitting action. Make this a habit!

Manifesting what you want may take days, months or even years and patience is sincerely a virtue. All I can say is, be patient, be consistent and be hopeful. Just trust the process!

A great point to remember is, why shouldn’t something you yearn for not work out? Like really, why not? A one-track mind with ambition and postivity is a fantastic mindset to direct you in a favourable manner.


Good luck with manifesting!

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