Piece of Hawaii

This past holiday Season, I met up with my family in Hawaii for our first warm Christmas away from snow! The beautiful island of Oahu is the exact half way point from Australia to Canada. I was coming from the Land Down Under and my family was arriving from Canada for our “Goheen Getaway”. A Christmas in the sun was an absolute culture shock for my Canadian family. We traded in our finely decorated Christmas tree for palm trees, beach side strolls and ukuleles.

We stayed in a condo right on the beach in Waianae, which is about 30 mins outside Honolulu. This spot was great to explore because it was away from the main tourist area and you were able to experience true “Hawaiian” culture. On christmas morning we woke up to the euphoric sound of waves collapsing on the shore accompanied with mountain views. We were in our own little seaside paradise catching up on life and taking in the holiday spirit.

The remainder of the trip was spent relaxing, swimming, exploring and hiking. My brother and I went for a day hike and I was an utter handicap for this fit motocross racer’s style. It was the gnarliest trek I have ever done and told him to continue to the top without me 3 hours in to the journey. Where I ended on the hike had a breathtaking view, so I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. In the video you will see the sight Mitch eyed at the top.

As the trip continued, we went to Bishop Museum and learned about the fascinating ancient Hawaiian culture. A day trip was made to the Dole plantation to see how pineapples are grown and of course taste the famous whipped pineapple dessert. In the later part of our vacation, we scoped out the iconic North Shore where all the surfers hang and spent New Years Eve gawking the Honolulu fireworks show.

One aspect of Hawaii I enjoyed was the State had it’s own unique culture unlike any other State in U.S.A. Hawaii doesn’t feel like you’re in the United States and this allows the islands to have an air of independence. I wish I had more time to explore the rest of Hawaii. There are 8 islands in total and I only say a small percentage of Oahu! This is why Hawaii should be added on your bucket list because there is endless beauty to see.

Check out the edit my talented brother made of our adventures. If you like this video make sure to see more of his work on Instagram @justgiverproductions.




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