Add Australian Slang to Your Diction

No same country is ever alike and each holds a different identity with traditions and accustoms. Accordingly, there are copious amounts of slang and informal language in this world to learn. While spending some time in Australia and together having good friends from the beautiful country, I have learned how to speak like a true Aussie through and through. One thing I have taken from their culture is they have a flair for shortening almost every word or phrase to get to the point. Their accent is an entertaining English dialect and an Australian even admitted to me they are lazy speakers who like to drop vowels in their words. As a result, the sound of the accent can vary from State to State in Australia. Though all are comparable, there are slight differences being easy to distinguish to the ear. Correspondingly, these lethargic speakers have produced some eccentric slang phrases to add to their vocabulary. The list below is an accumulation of the words I have picked up on my travels and have had some fun using. Try adding a few into your conversations with friends to catch them off guard and to receive a questioning look.



G’day – Hello!

Cunt – Can be referenced in an enduring way as a replacement for “mate or friend”/ used in a disrespectful manner.

Arvo – Afternoon.

Smoko – Morning tea or break.

Reckon – Concluding your belief.

Sweet as – Something really fascinating.

No drama – Not a problem.

Shelia – A woman.

Bloke – A man.

Barbie – Barbeque.

Good on ya – A positive compliment.

Straya Flag

Macca’s – An abbreviation of the famous burger joint, McDonald’s.

Rug up – Put extra warm clothes on.

Thongs – Sandals or flip-flops.

True blue – A patriotic Australian.

Avos – Avocados.

Footy – Referring to Australian rule of Rugby.

Bogan – An individual who is unsophisticated.

Ranga – A ginger or red headed person.

Bottle-o – Store to buy alcohol.

Brekkie – Breakfast.

Chewie – Chewing gum.

A bouncing Roo (Kangaroo)
Dero – A foul person with no couth.

Fairy floss– Cotton candy.

Durries – Cigarettes.

Fanny – Vagina.

Joey – Baby kangaroo.

Milk bar – Corner store.

Root – Sex.

No worries – Not a problem.

Op-shop – Thrift store.

Sunnies – Sunglasses.

Saying good-bye to my friends before leaving to Australia
Taking the piss – Making a joke.

Pokies – Casino.

Straya – Australia.

Roo – Kangaroo.

Servo – A service station.

Sheep-fucker – A derogatory name to call a person from New Zealand.

Kiwi – A person from New Zealand.

Spewin’ – Being angry.

Uni – University.

Unit – Apartment.

Feathered Bin Rat (Aka. Ibis)
Schooie– Schooner (size of a glass of beer at a bar).

Feathered bin rat – Ibis (a long beaked bird found in Australia).

Fuckwit – A complete idiot (aka. My ex-boyfriend).

You’re alright – A response when someone says “thank-you”.

Cuppa – A cup a tea.

Devo – Devastated.

Tradie – An individual who is a trades worker.

Sparky – An electrician.

Greenie – Someone in the army.

Bikey – A person who rides a motorcycle (biker).

Muso – A musician.


By: Olivia Goheen

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