Paige F.

Before finding Olivia’s Odyssey, I felt like I was just floating through my life without much thought or purpose as to what I really wanted. I was content but still felt like there was something lacking, that things in my life could be more fulfilling and more joyful. I had been following Olivia on Instagram for awhile, and I could see she genuinely radiated happiness and love. So when she reached out and told me about her personal growth and development mentoring sessions I did not hesitate to say yes! I am so very thankful that I did.

Olivia gave me the guidance and encouragement to make changes in my day to day routines. Not big changes, but little ones, that were easy and enjoyable to complete. Little changes in the form of personal self challenges that all totaled to a much bigger outcome at the end of each week. It felt good to accomplish these challenges (that were actually just things that were important to me that I had forgotten about) knowing they were building on something bigger: self-love, life goals, deepened relationships, and expressed passions. By the end of our sessions, Olivia had given me all the tools and knowledge I needed to continue this journey on my own.

I think Olivia has found her true calling, I am not one to open up to other’s, let alone strangers, but talking with Olivia was like getting to know an old friend. She is so easy to talk to and seemed to know me better than I know myself sometimes. Not only did I come out of this 4 week program with a greater understanding of what I want to achieve in my life, but I feel like I also gained a friend. So give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose but so much to gain, and just like me, I think you’ll be very glad that you did.

  • Paige F., Canada | Adventure Tourism Professional