Brittany B.

Do you want the best for yourself and the uttermost quality of life? If so, I highly recommend Olivia’s mentoring sessions; what a rejuvenating experience I had.

Opening yourself up to feel free inside is a very personal and vulnerable journey; I get it. However talking with a trusting, compassionate individual, like Olivia, is the first step to knocking down any barriers in your way to feeling free and alive. What I found pleasantly surprising was even if you are in a happy place, as I was, Olivia still manages to open gateways deep within. 

Self-awareness is a major aspect of freedom, and Olivia’s ability to dissect obstacles, thoughts, and explore with you ways to live a life with contentment was phenomenal.  She utilizes many engaging life conversations and worksheets that get to the root of deep personal development. It felt amazing to work on personally developing myself! What a gentle way to provide yourself with self-love. I could not have imagined a better mentor to guide me along the journey to be honest. The greatest part was her ability to quickly bond with you making you feel completely comfortable with no judgement. In addition, she has the confidence to challenge you in a caring matter. It is easy to feel motivated and inspired due to the fact her whole life and energy revolves around living an authentic, free life.

Olivia is truly a beautiful, pure soul craving to spread her wisdom and light on to others. I hope that you get the opportunity to work with her in a partnership like myself because everyone deserves to accept mentoring from a genuine, kind, safe place.

  • Brittany B., Canada | Health Care Professional