Stuck In Patagonia

As I’m writing you this article, I am nestled in the heart of El Chaltén, Argentina. This is a cozy town of maybe, 1000 people. That number may even be embellishing it. If you know anything about Patagonia region, you know it’s beautiful. To give you a clear vision of this town, it has a winding river surrounding the perimeter, panorama vision of mountains and famous peaking towers of Fitz Roy looking you right in the eyes.

The energy is raw and calm right now. I feel this because it’s low season for travelling. I don’t think I would like it much in peak season when there are hundreds and hundreds of trekkers.

When I walk the tiny streets I feel like a character from the Sims video game. This game consisted of creating a town and the few characters would walk around aimlessly. Most of the shops are closed until summer and a small number of travellers pass through. I see the same people over and over again. Much like Sims.

A majority of my time has been spent hiking the wonderful trails. I’ve never been much into trekking and have done a handful of enjoyable “real” treks in the past around the globe. But, Patagonia is allowing me to appreciate how good it is to connect to the earth and become addicted to this form of exploration. Thanks Patagonia.

I wasn’t sure where my next stop was after this cute town. All I knew, I was going north. A domestic strike within Argentina occurred making it hard for travellers to move. Buses, planes and other things were shut down. Annoyed by the delay, I was forced to stay another day.

It was certainly a temporary annoyance, because after all, I was in good company and surrounded by peaceful nature. I suppose my old lifestyle of rushing got the best of me in the moment of my annoyance.

I pondered my thoughts deeply on the notion of being “stuck.”

I wasn’t stuck at all.

I chose to be here. I was exploring. I was meeting beautiful people. I was creating remarkable memories. I had no place to be next. So why did I get irritated?

I could have had a really terrible time if I continued thinking I was stuck. Instead, I celebrated with lovely new friends, asked a local to ride his motorcycle around town and rambled my feet along the mountainside. The universe gave me a chance to appreciate this peaceful town for an extra day. I became grateful.

I suppose this notion of being stuck can be relayed to anyone in life. When you are feeling stuck the question is, “are you really stuck?” Your choices and actions escort you to the present moment. You have to sink or swim with the current reality.

The beautiful aspect of it is YOU have the power of choice, action and change.

This is how I believe people should process with the feeling of being stuck no matter how bad you may think your situation is with the three step process.




With every word, action and plan we ever take, choice is involve. When we don’t make a choice to complete a task or make a decision, that too is a choice. Our subconscious inherently takes control of actions when we don’t even notice. Naturally being human there are times when we feel stuck or misguided. If you ever feel like you are stuck, please remember you have the CHOICE to change it.

Sometimes individuals make excuses for not allowing choice in their life. The resistance stems from fear and fear only. Fear of uncertainty, loss, failure and incompetence.

It is incredibly important to exercise our thoughts in a positive manner when we feel fastened by fear. Examining our hurdles and perceiving them as opportunities will bring you out of the “stuck” feeling. This is how you can build confidence in your choices because you aware of changing your thought process. Bear in mind, your wellbeing should continually be your attention with choice.


Once we realize we do have choice in a lot of what we do in life, the next step is action. Devise a plan and formulate something achievable for a positive effect. Remember, keep your well-being in mind and be a little selfless. This is your happiness we’re talking about! Our internal happiness in turn translates into healthier relationships with our partners and friends. While we are keeping our well-being in check, be sure to also maintain your integrity. This means, whatever action you commit, be sure to have a moral compass. When you make the measures for action, just know you are competent in your decision and run with it and work out the kinks on the way.


After choice and action is made, change slowly starts to happen. It’s the change in behavior, thoughts and mentality that transcends into something really beautiful. Growth, vitality and happiness start to flourish if your actions are lead in a favorable fashion. This is when change can be perceived as a heartening aspect to life instead of the scary unknown.

By learning to control your life with appropriate choice and action, you start to see a genuine trickle of alignment in sectors of your existence. You will feel more confident, happy, and grateful, leading you to never want to stop making the decisions in your life.

REMEMBER….. YOU always have choice in your life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. Love this blog! So very true!
    Kelly (your fellow Canadian)xo


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