What 26 Years Have Taught Me

September 14th marks the day my dear mother gave me life. For my special day, I want to present you a vulnerable piece that illustrates my intimate thoughts about my year.

A new age brings on personal growth, new wisdom and alluring experiences. My 26th year has been an astounding time, and my only hope is my life continues on this route of extraordinaire.

This year I’m celebrating my special day in the beautiful country of Chile. I am nestled in the mesmerizing region of Patagonia. My mountain obsession has heightened while being here. Yes, the pun was totally intended. It seems each birthday I make a habit of commemorating in a new country.

In my 26th year I’ve travelled six countries, lived in a new land, worked overseas and learned a different language. My love for life hasn’t stopped. It’s amazing how you feel when you completely take reins on life and craft it how you want. Don’t get me wrong; hurdles have still been in my way. I just know how to process them better.


I no longer fear how my life will turn out.

When I was in College planning a life after graduation, it consisted of a desk job, buying a home and living in Toronto. I thought I had it all figured out and if I didn’t, life wouldn’t be perfect. Life changed for me after travelling Europe in 2015, leading me to where I am today. My “planner” instincts are still in me, but I can fly by the seat of my pants very well now. Even coming to South America, I made no plans or research. I just go where I feel I need to be. Things seem to be turning out great each and every day.


I’m too independent.

I realize independence is a worthy trait, however, I sometimes overdo it. I thoroughly enjoy alone time, I can easily get annoyed when someone tells me what to do or try to help me when I don’t ask for it. I have learned I need to step back and know it always comes from a loving place. On the plus side, at least I enjoy my own company and feel competent with my life choices.


I’m open to a relationship.

Yes, I am open to one, but it doesn’t mean I need a relationship. I much rather keep living my best life until my King comes around. I’m already a Queen that’s leading my Kingdom and now I’m open to meeting a King ruling his empire. Two kingdoms are always better than one, right? They are especially good when two kingdoms are well crafted and performing nicely. Which means, the man I give my time to must have a great moral compass, integrity and self-awareness. I didn’t work this hard on myself to settle with a commoner. C’mon now!

Side note:
It’s too often people allow their insecurities to control their heart and how it treats others. This happens when there is a lack of personal development and self-awareness. WORD OF ADVICE, stay single, people! Work on yo’ self!


I used to think I was a paradox.

I actually wrote a blog about it, and you can find it here. I am incredibly social, but I love alone time. I love constant adventures, but I enjoy being a homebody. Sometimes I feel like my life is random given my bohemian lifestyle, yet, I love it. I can be one extreme or another, even though I’m a grounded person. I really do sound like a paradox, don’t I? But I know its balance for me and it works well.


My drive comes and goes in cycles and it is totally OK.

One fact about me, I have one tattoo on my inner arm saying, “focus.” I chose this word because focus is important to me in order to achieve my goals and it’s a daily reminder. As much as I’m an incredibly driven go-getter, I can sometimes fall off the wagon. I used to get really down on myself. Now, I look at it as a well deserve break until I give it my all again.


Life before text.

This culture is ridiculous with its social media and phone consumption. I’ve written an article about limiting social media usage because I’m a guilty over user at times (find it here.) During my hiatuses from the digital world, I’ve learned to not feel displeased when I’m left on “read” or not feel guilty if I do the same to someone. An old friend of mine once made a great reply to my apology for a late text message, “life before text.” Man, that’s deep and so fucking true! You truly need to live life in the moment before entering the digital world. On top of that, if someone isn’t responding to you, it could mean a few things like they really don’t want to talk to you or they are truly busy. With all of that, it simply means it is for reasons for themselves, never you. I had to learn that the hard way this year.

Take time to look at the moon, often.

Shit, the night sky is just so beautiful. I recently took an interest in tracking moon phases. I was shocked one night how the full moon was in its bloom and I thought, “I swear we just had a full moon.” This made me realize how time goes by swiftly and moon phases can put that in perspective. On top of that, living in the middle of nowhere in Australia gave me a glimpse of a night sky without light pollution. I saw my first ever “proper” shooting star (with no light pollution, again.) The gas lit combustion shot across the whole sky, I swear. It was incredible.

I am so happy I got back into playing guitar

Music has been apart of my identity, pretty much my whole life. When I was in primary school I was that kid who was only listening to music from my parents generation and it was evident I did. People would describe me as the little “hippie” kid. I dabbled in music lessons with piano, guitar and saxophone growing up, but never stuck with any instrument, fully completely. It wasn’t until two years ago I took up guitar for a few months of lessons. When I left for Australia, I stopped, and then someone gave me the idea of buying a travel-sized guitar in New Zealand. BRILLIANT. Why didn’t I think of that before? I have to thank that person, because he helped me realize that I should be perusing it again. Now I play and sing all the time. Great asset at any campfire.

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