Paradox is the Yin to Balance’s Yang

There are times in my life where stability checks out and I have to guide myself to the next bus stop to hop on stability’s ride. It took me years to realize I’m not a paradox and what my situations exemplify is balance. Continue reading to understand my far out thinking on this topic.


Ah, life is such a wonderful and beautiful thing.

Nevertheless, it can be down right ugly, too. Life presents the unavoidable like, heartache, loss, fear and resentment. However, the pros like love, passion and pleasure outweigh the cons.

Happiness will never be met with open arms if sadness hasn’t appeared before. The inevitable truth, isn’t it? This concept is essentially what the Chinese philosophy, “Yin & Yang” is about. Fundamentally speaking, negative and positive energy complement one another for a life with a steady flow. Yin and yang are opposites of one another, and each one represents facing characteristics of sun or moon and male or female.


Am I a paradox or is it balance…

The contrast between paradox and balance on a literal sense is, each is the other’s complete opposite. This is why the title of this article is, “Paradox is the yin to balance’s yang.” Balance represents stability and steadiness, where paradox represents contradictory and inconsistency. I undoubtly believe they go together in order for stability. You may think I’m crazy stating this, but, you will learn there is merit to my tale.


Now, put your thinking cap on…

Think of a time in which your life was crazy busy, and you didn’t know how to slow down or you were overplaying an activity even though you thought it was wrong. You most likely felt overwhelmed, there was never enough time in the day, you couldn’t relax or you didn’t know why you were doing something. These unstable times can sweep you into the depths of repel not wanting to commit to anything or may have you thinking negative thoughts about your actions. Can you relate a personal experience to this?

Some may call this a paradox because you’re living your life in a contradictory fashion. The scales of life are completely lop-sided and are struggling to balance. The truth is, you’re just trying to calculate the right formula for parity.


Don’t worry there is an answer for you…

To make the scale balance and bring light to the predicament is to carry self-awareness.

Once awareness is met to change the situation, this is where balance can be found.

The only time someone will live a life of paradox is when there is denial of the reality and nothing is being done to change it. This is especially true if self-awareness is present.

Consequently, you would be contradicting what life is about: time for friends, family, yourself and passions.

The beautiful thing about the notion of awareness is the fact you were mindful of your thoughts and emotions. The positive result of this conviction is, taking time to step away, adding more time to your passions or completing whatever it is you need for parity.


Also note…

You can also really, really love excessively doing one thing and then really, really love doing its polar opposite. Example: “I love eating 4 scoops of ice cream on weekends even though I eat super healthy during the week.

That’s not a paradox, that is balance.

You are taking the time to enjoy both sides of life on each spectrum.

Awareness of instability is balance looking you right in the face telling you to, “stop!”


Here are past “paradox” thoughts I had about myself and I learned it’s indeed, balance!

Sex: I thoroughly enjoy lots of sex, much like the next person. The fact I’m a woman, I can get it anytime I desire. Funny, but true, let’s face the facts of society. In contrast, I do not enjoy one night stands because most of the time there isn’t a connection with substance I crave. I learned fairly quickly that as much as I enjoy sex, I selectively choose who I put out for.

Socializing: I’m an incredibly social person and appreciate in-depth conversations, like a lot! I truly have the gift of the gab and can talk to anyone. BUT, I need alone time, often. I have a need to recharge my energy and gather my thoughts. People who don’t know me well sometimes think I’m being cold or I’m upset. In reality, I enjoy being on my own and in my own space. I used to think I was strange for this, I slowly learned it was what I need for internal stability.

Work: With age I have learned the importance of hard work when it comes to making money. Effort is needed in life, especially in a job. When my heart really isn’t in a job, I don’t put forth the amount effort needed. When I start to feel this way, I know it’s time to find something I enjoy doing because I can’t “fake” it. I really can’t fake anything in life.

Travel: If there was a human definition of a free spirit, I would be the mascot. I hold my freedom dear, I don’t like being told what to do and I’m fiercely independent. I LOVE seeing any new place and I truly get off on it. Since I’m a digital gypsy, I sometimes yearn for stability. However, coming home for me is hard. After sometime in the old familiar, it feels hard leaving because I think I may miss my old life. That said, once I’m back on the road, I can’t stop enjoying myself. It’s just my cycle of comfortability and it’s completely fine mixing it up from time to time.

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