Freedom Is Calling Your Name On A Motorcycle

What is the first thought to your mind about motorcycles? Let me guess, freedom? If you’re cool, you’ve totally seen the classic movie from 1969,“Easy Rider.” The premise of the film is about two hippie dudes travelling from Mexico all through the United States on their motorcycles. These men are the unconventional type during the 60s as they are judged for their long hair, open mind and for riding a motorcycle. One amazing line from Jack Nicholson that resonates deeply with me is, “they’re not scared of you. They’re scared of what you represent to ’em,” he then follows by saying “what you represent to them is freedom.” Society has this sort of box where a large population lives. If you show any sort of “freedom” that is different from the norm, people don’t like it. It’s a form of resistance stemmed from fear, the fear of authentically living a life they know they want.

Motorcycles have always been apart of my life as I was introduced to riding at a young age thanks to my Dad’s love of twisting a throttle. My first motorcycle at ten years of age was a Yamaha PW 80 and a year later I started racing motocross competitively. In the first year of racing I raced boys and quickly learned I was quite the competitive 11 year old. Sometimes before motos (motocross lingo for “race”) there would be a huddle with a few boys talking about how to get around me on the track; let’s just say I had my block position down pat. Years went on with great progression, faster bikes and travelling around North America to ride out my passion. Eventually by 19 I lost interest and drive to continue my racing career. Though my racing career ended, my involvement with bikes didn’t. I worked in the motorcycle industry for four years with brands like Harley Davidson, KTM and Triumph. Riding hasn’t stopped for me either, as I still ride dirt bikes for fun and recently started getting on the road with my Dad’s Triumph Bonnevile (aka, dream bike.) Something about being open with the wind at my hair and being so exposed on the road is such a thrill. It’s always been my dream to take a road trip on each continent with my bike, it’s time to get on the road and make it happen! Are you joining?


You can ride a bike anywhere in the world.

Well mostly anywhere, besides those Arctic countries. But hey, you can stud up your tires and ride on the ice, ice racing is a great past time in Canada. But, roads are EVERYWHERE, and your tires can get into gear on each one. I’m getting excited just envisioning my future rides in foreign lands!

You see a country  from a unique perspective

When travelling happens in a car, there is a barrier and a blockage from the external world. When you’re on the open road with a bike their is an air of clarity and vulnerability. Mindfulness is evidently in play because you’re aware of your safety with space between vehicles around, the elements of mother nature are influencing your ride and this is a clear 360 degree angle of your surroundings. You are quite literately, one with the road. Also, think of being in a new country with untouched roads and a new environment, how would you truly feel? So many emotions would be running wild and this is why motorcycles are AMAZING!

Motorcycle culture is rad

Working in the motorcycle industry was probably one day of the best industries to spend a 9 to 5 job in because all customers are HAPPY! They are happy because it’s their passion to ride and make their bike beautiful. Have you ever noticed when bikers cross paths on the road they signal one another with a wave? This gesture is a universal communicator basically saying “hey, we have something in common, ride safe.” When a rider first hits the road they enter into this amazing community immediately. You are welcomed, accepted and valued for your love of freedom on a bike.

Knowing how to ride a motorcycle is a useful skill to have

My brother made this elaborate tale explaining why our mother should get her motorcycle licence and it went like this, “what if you were kidnaped and the only way to escape was to steal a motorcycle?” As far fetch and ridiculous as he was being, his rambling tale had some merit. Knowing the basics of a motorcycle and how to ride is a useful skill to have. You just never know when you may have the chance to ride or need to know! Why not just learn? On the plus side, it’s hella fun!

Every time you’re saddled, it’s a bloody adventure!

Now, I’m not condoning illegal behaviour, but there have been a few incidents where my brother had to outrun cops on his motorcycle because he was riding his dirtbike on private property. That said, OF COURSE you can outrun police on a bike since you can go so much faster and maneuver through rough terrain (to go back to last point about the importance of learning how to ride a motorcycle, you just never know 😉 )

Now isn’t that a great story? You can acquire so many more stories when you own a motorcycle. But hey, picture this… saddled up, sun is in its full luster, wind filling you with energy and a wide open throttle to get to your next destination. This the perfect description of how a bike makes you feel!

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