A Journey to Montréal

So, this is my first edit and it was filmed on my phone. I’ve been lucky enough to have a talented brother who eagerly films me with his professional talent in the past, however, this time around, I wanted to try it for myself. I hope to grow with my filming and editing and do many, many more travel edits!

This trip was très bien! I am in love with everything about Montréal! It is ranked amongst one of my favourite Canadian cities, even higher than my home city, Toronto! Thanks to the French colonizers way back when, a new culture simulating France rose and stayed in Quebec with not only the language, but the historic building styles too. The city has kept the endearing European flavour bringing you a magnificent world so different from the rest of Canada. The French city is all about sauntering along the significant cobble stone streets, standing tall on the summit gazing at the bouncing city and gorging the cuisine style poutine. It was great my cousin Molly could come, as she is fluent in French and was our translator when needed. Thanks to my bilingual cousin, I was able to also brush up on my French and practice the language again. Can you believe I studied the language for 9 years and forgot so much of it! Take note in the video of my perfect pronunciation, thanks to Molly!

PS. Can you spot Colonel Sanders hat in the video? 


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