Shocking Truths I Learned While Travelling One Year Straight

This coming March will mark one year of solo travelling for me. I have been living out of a backpack, sauntering around the globe and learning a great deal concerning my personality. 365 days of travel is candidly confronting, to the point where it changes perspectives on life. Travel supplies new ideas on what is right for your happiness and how to positively manage emotional thoughts. Travel definitely increases a sense of gratitude towards a range of issues, especially surrounding the opportunity to see the world so freely. Though some of these ‘truths’ may seem trivial, to be in the position to lead a happy, healthy life of travel is all a person needs to be thankful for.

You gain a, “I don’t give a f***” mentality

To be fair, I have had this mentality since day one. However, my unceasing ability to dismiss people’s opinions about me is stronger than ever. Travel molds your thinking to, IMG_6315‘this is me. If you don’t like it, get lost.’ Meeting people while travelling is unavoidable. I have come across people who are rather incredible and some who are downright irritating. As most people are aware, you can’t get along with every person. In truth, if people don’t dig you, they are not meant to be in your life. It is simple as that.

Travel is not glamorous as Instagram leads you to believe

Okay, there are some pretty rad travel Instagram profiles with magnificent photos representing beauty around the world. Let’s face it, amazing as travel is, you run into some intense hurdles at times. Failing to catch a flight, missing out on opportunities, encountering a disrespectful person or being caught in a dangerous situation. As a result, these occurrences strengthen a person and help create some fascinating stories. Also, travelling makes you dirty and sweaty, and that isn’t charming.

You become unsociable

Alone time is serene and never taken for granted to a traveller. The amount of socializing during a year of travelling is mind blowing. To guess the amount of interactions would IMG_7877be almost impossible to ballpark. I have learned to loathe small talk, however, I am a pro at it. Small talk on the streets and in hostels becomes a memorized monologue of
answering unsophisticated questions. Refreshment arrives after meeting a person who can convey unforced conversation about any topic. I have learned to carry the deepest affection for intellectual conversations with substance.

You grow sick of your wardrobe

I suppose this ‘truth’ is for people who have a full closet and are fond of fashion, like myself. Variety and diversity is limited with a backpack. At times, a vapid feeling may enter when your best outfit is being worn for the fourth weekend in a row. Best advice is to choose versatile pieces to mix and match. Select articles that flatter your body and you can feel confident in. Really, just accept the reality of a restricted wardrobe because travelling the world is far more beneficial than a full closet.

You become un-datable

With the high chance of organically meeting people, the reality of settling down is slim. Travellers are actively on the move and never setting roots in one place long enough to establish a genuine relationship. To be frank, don’t travel if you’re looking for love. Learn to love yourself and travel first and the rest will come naturally. If you’re lucky enough to meet someone with an open agenda, then go for it!

You realize travelling is full-time job, not a vacation

The people who assume travelling is a vacation are the ones used to week long vacations in Bali or Mexico. These people are accustomed to relaxing at a resort, eating in fancy restaurants and taking a break from their standard life. Nevertheless, the same may apply during long-term travel; however, it is not going to be as often. Travelling for an extended amount time means being frugal with your funds to carry on roaming.
Being a full-time nomad consists of constantly planning moves and sourcing out details for accommodations and how to arrive to the next destination. Mindfulness comes into play on how long to stay at a location and how to score the best deal when spending money. With all of this, the motions of packing and moving around regularly can be tiring, but totally worth it. Altering your surroundings becomes addicting because it provides a new excitement of exploring the unknown.

By: Olivia Goheen


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