Like a Rolling Stone

Anyone who has ever acquainted me is aware I am a diehard for music, particularly classic rock genre. I’ve undoubtedly been stuck in the 60s & 70s with my music choices my whole life and my catalogue of music knowledge is not something of your average 25-year-old woman. What if I told you the British rock band, The Rolling Stones, is comparable to avid travellers? Would you believe me? Well, keep reading to find out.


I vividly remember at the age of 11 having a huge obsession for The Rolling Stones and had an infatuation towards Mick Jagger, the band’s front man. I thought this skinny man with big lips, a mischievous smile and sex appeal galore was hot. I do believe this is where my fondness for musicians transpired and has continued into my adulthood. Still not sure if it’s a good thing or not because I’ve learned they’re trouble. Lately I’ve been watching a number of music documentaries, especially ones about The Rolling Stones. Unfolding out of England in the 60s at the same time were, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Both bands were completely different with a unique style, sound and attitude. The classic question through Rock ‘n’ Roll history has always been “are you more of a Beatles or Stones fan?” Naturally my answer was always The Stones. They represented something unconventional at time they were emerging in the music industry. They were the bad boys of Rock ‘n’ Roll, went against the odds, performed “black people” music (blues music), were cheeky, fun and sexual energy radiated out of them. Everything The Stones represented I just mentioned was taboo in the 60s and the group were highly frowned upon.


In an interview from “Crossfire Hurricane” documentary, a journalist asked Bill Wyman (original bass player), “what is a rolling stone?” His response was, “someone who doesn’t like to settle and likes to travel.” The precise definition you would find in the dictionary is what Wyman described of his band name. The Rolling Stones have followed through sincerely living up to the name of their band. All members have maintained their authentic self, toured the world, lived life on their own terms and have managed to maintain an enormous fan following for over 50 years. Why is this? My theory is because they are doing what they love and never settling for anything less. The Rolling Stones music, persona and image to the world are similar to that of a traveller. A nomad lives an unconventional lifestyle and creates their life on conditions of their desire. A traveller is constantly on the move and witnessing unbelievable scenery, all whilst sticking to a passion of journey. A bulk amount of travellers have packed their bags to explore the world while leaving behind a life of routine, commitment and familiarity. Now do you believe me when I say The Rolling Stones resemble people with a wanderlust?


Ironically enough, the title of this article is actually a Bob Dylan song, depicting the characteristics of a nomad. “How does it feel, to be without a home, no direction home, like a complete complete unknown, like a rolling stone?” My answer to Mr. Dylan’s question is, it feels great. Going with the flow and progression of life is an absolutely liberating feeling. It is hard to detail the sensation of entering the unknown, in a new surrounding, because the possibilities and opportunities really are endless and you truly need to make the best of it. It would be the same as The Stones touring in the early days and stopping for a gig in a new city they’ve never played before. The musicians themselves don’t know how the crowd will react or respond to their music or setting. Given the history of the band, there have been shows where riots and murders have occurred, however, there have been more positive shows than negative. That said, the band still continued to play their best and make the most of the performance because music is their life and passion. The unknown of travel and life has always excited me and I am never scared to enter it. I think it is because I am confident what ever is thrown at me I can handle it, whether it ‘s for the opposing or favorable. Travelling has helped me view the unknown as opportunities to work with to create something good for myself. While entering the unfamiliar you learn to adapt and go with the course presented because it opens the doors to a fluid of life that can only be tasted through rambling. You are constantly being emerged in change of scenery, people and mostly importantly yourself. For that fact, this lifestyle is really for the bold, hence why The Rolling Stones are so comparable to wanderers, because they went against the odds of society. If you are willing to give up leaving a life of habitual nature to take on a new culture, experience and growth with the chance of facing hurdles, heartbreak and drawbacks, then you’re correctly spirited to be a nomad or should I say a rolling stone.
To get in the music mood of a true “rolling stone” on your travels, add these great Stones songs to your playlist!

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’

Time Is On My Side

Rip This Joint

Gimmie Shelter
Of course you can’t forget to add…
Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan



By: Olivia Goheen

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