Travelling Alone Makes You a Selfish Person

This article is all about the rebranding of the word “selfish”. Selfishness has quite the negative response in today’s society and it’s because there are too many self-seeking people who are inconsiderate, thoughtless and spiteful. This description of selfishness is the version to stay away from. People who are inclined to acting selfish tend to feel the most unhappy and alone. Moreover, these types of individuals go at desperate measures to fill a void while hurting and disrespecting anyone in their way. After all, you should feel sorry for these people and hope they know their wrong and learn from their mistakes. In addition, there are two types of selfishness, the one being the bad described above and the second giving you freedom for personal growth.




The true branding of being selfish should mean you are self-ruling of your happiness while maintaining integrity, you are self-respecting whilst being bold and you continue your pursuit of chasing ambitions. Though this rebranding formula may sound easy, it takes a strong-willed person to carry it out. Travelling solo certainly educates a person to gradually learn to be independent, courageous and confident. It is incredibly important to learn these characteristics in your lifetime so you are able to make good judgments for your life path and bring happiness into your world. True joy comes within and no one can provide it to you. Ultimately, we are alone and need to understand to learn how to rely on ourselves.


Throughout journeys you will run into difficult obstacles where a daring spirit will help a triumph. Difficult people will surface and knowing how to understand and deal with them while preserving an honest approach will mean standing by your beliefs. Your travels will teach you to familiarize on what you want and deserve in all sections of life. There will be lessons to learn about not accommodating negative people and to be selective on whom you give time to. All these examples can be applied in your life outside travel, making travelling one of the most beneficial ways to mold your self into a self-assured individual. There is nothing wrong with being in complete control of who you are, what you’re doing and how you bring fulfillment into your life.


Ultimately, taking care of your mind, body and spirit is the way we should be living each and every day. Gallivanting this beautiful earth unattended puts you in solitude mode, meaning you become in tune with your thoughts and realize accepting only the best and knowing your worth starts to instantly come natural. It is okay to be alone and discover your inner being and travelling alone unquestionably encourages such. Discover comfort with your own company. Continue practicing the act of the selfishness everyday and see the growth of yourself and happiness. Proceed to remain in force with what you want to do with your existence on this earth and do whatever it takes. Remember to always stay honest with yourself and others to establish solidarity. Lastly, make your own happiness because there are too many people trying to find it in others and it truly comes from your own heart by doing what you love. Watch your selfishness shine and the admiration of your peers will follow.


By: Olivia Goheen

4 responses to “Travelling Alone Makes You a Selfish Person”

  1. So can teach us all soo much Miss Olivia. You dont know how much how you impact peoples life… have so many followers..

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  2. odysseytravelsinfo Avatar

    Thanks, Hobzie! I appreciate your support 🙂


  3. Call me curious Avatar
    Call me curious

    How do you get all those hand free pics on your solo quest?


    1. Ask a fellow traveller you meet to take a pic. Too easy!


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