11 Ways to Spot a Canadian Abroad

Just like any other culture, Canadians love to travel and globe-trot for all different reasons. Some travel to escape the bitter cold winter, break free from small farming towns, find out if there is a living world outside downtown Toronto and see if weed in other countries stand up to British Columbia’s. Travelling provides an understanding of the variety of culture and permits people to see how differently humans live on all sides of the world. However, Canadian’s still have a deep appreciation of this beautiful country and should know our quality of living is one of the world’s best. Here is a quirky list of sure tale signs you are traveling with a Canadian.

1) Our accent is Canadian and we will tell you the sound of our voice is different to Americans, because IT IS.

So often when I encounter new people travelling they automatically assume I’m from the States and I quickly correct them and say, “no, I am Canadian, we are nicer”. Our accent is much softer and doesn’t have a certain twang like the American accent. The ability of foreigners to distinguish the accent may not occur right away, although, most people will hear the difference after a length of time following talking to a Canadian.

2) We say “eh?” a lot.

I am not certain where the word “eh” is derived from, however I am guilty for saying it frequently. The classic Canadian phrase is a frequent habit and a great number of people use it in their vocabulary. There are many times I catch myself right away when I quote the iconic phrase in conversation with foreign people. I feel as if I’m really living up to the Canadian stereotype whenever I use it around new people from different countries. I am proud of using the cliché when I speak because it is uniquely Canadian and symbolizes the great country I come from.

3) We proudly support our country by having a Canadian flag somewhere on our backpack.

We love American people, but we are mistaken for them so often because of our comparable accents. For this reason, we attach a flag on our luggage to indicate we are not American. In view of the fact, we are grateful to be Canadian and proud of our distinctive heritage, values and traditions. On account of being Canadian and growing up in one of the best countries in the world, I am of course going to represent my country travelling and support the red and white, maple leaf flag.

4) We speak highly of our country and tell you we have free health care.

Free health care… Don’t you believe it should be a universal option to all people and countries? Truthfully, it makes me upset to know some people don’t have the basic health care in which I have had my whole life. Health and vitality are two standards each human being deserves in their lifetime. I am so thankful Canada has a great health care system and I never take it for granted. Life is so precious and every single person on this earth deserves to live a happy, healthy life.

5) We will gladly talk about how hot our Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau is.

So it’s true, the leader of our Country is fine, with a capital F. Being able to gaze at eye-candy when I turn on the news is a great feeling. Even though I may not necessarily agree with 50% of what he imposes on the country, I let it slide because he is a complete hunk. Luckily you are attractive Mr. Trudeau, and FYI, you give me Prince Eric from Little Mermaid vibes.

6) We are accepting of different cultures and sexuality.

Coming from a country with a diverse and accepting culture genuinely teaches an individual to embrace and welcome any ethnicity and sexual orientation. A combination of blended customs and traditions taken from a great deal of ethnic groups has shaped Canada to what it is today. We know the importance of identity and encourage all citizens to preserve their culture and uniqueness while embracing, accepting and experiencing Canadian culture. The beauty about living in a diverse country is being able to celebrate all the yearly celebrations. There is almost always a festival or celebration happening giving you a chance to learn, eat and discover something new.

7) We are friendly and polite.

Displaying a sense of warmth and courteousness is what Canadians evidently do best. This is another generalization made by the world to further describe the nation’s people as being overall, lovely. I am a firm believer of stereotypes because perpetually speaking, there is always a bit of truth. This is where Canadian’s identify as being totally opposite to Americans due to their stereotype of being passive-aggressive with amiability. Overall, Canadians try to maintain an aura of being humble and gracious while interacting with others. I hope more countries follow suit and inherit our nice persona so the world can be a happier place. Sounds incredibly cheesy, doesn’t it?

8) We say sorry and even apologize for saying sorry.

There comes a time while a Canadian is travelling where someone will tell them they say sorry too much and then the Canadian will proceed to apologize for it. Expressing regret sometimes is portrayed as a sign of weakness, rather, only the inadequate have this perception of being apologetic. Having consideration of others is an honorable and respectful characteristic. Generally, the word is a reflex and spilled for trivial circumstances such as, accidently bumping into a stranger/being bumped by a stranger or asking a waiter for a refill of water. The conventional image of Canadians expressing remorsefulness only exhibits good manners and therefore, is why we are respected and acknowledged worldwide for this trait.

9) We rep at least one Canadian Hockey team while abroad on some article of clothing.

Canada is well known for Ice Hockey due to the fact the first ever game was played and created in the Great White North. It is a game where sharp knives are supported on feet assisting the player to glide on ice and at any moment could potentially cut a man’s throat, all while attempting to obtain a solid, black disc-shaped rock with a long stick and shoot it at another mans face to score. The last statement is a bit dramatic, but it can be an intense sport. Furthermore, most Canadians go crazy for the game and hockey fans have even recklessly rioted after a major loss in the Stanley Cup Finals. Consequently, the riot act showcased hockey fan’s passion for the sport, however, was not Canada’s proudest moment.

Canada has also produced some of the sport’s best players. Does anyone remember the legend Wayne Gretzky? Well, he was born and bred in Canada. Here are the teams you will most likely see on a Canadian: Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadians, Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators.

Now you’re aware of the famous teams, take a tally and see how many logos you can find!

10) We call tomato sauce, Ketchup.

The word “ketchup” differentiates the sauce used on hot dogs and hamburgers to the tomato sauce used on pasta and pizza. You dig? Personally, I believe this makes a whole load of sense and I don’t appreciate odd looks and giggles from my foreign friends when I ask them to “pass the ketchup”.

11) We can handle the cold exceptionally well.

Growing up in a country where winter weather is felt four to five months out of the year, people tend to become accustomed to the temperatures. Additionally, Canadians have learned to dress properly for the frigid cold weather and we laugh at countries like Australia when they proclaim their coldest days in winter are 7 degrees Celsius. Yes, I agree it can become chilly in the Land Down Under, nevertheless, Australians aren’t habituated to negative number weather conditions, where human nipples could cut through ice. That said, Canadians are incredibly delighted when warmer weather arrives to thaw out from Old Man Winter.


By: Olivia Goheen

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